BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered Furniture

BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered Collections:

Functional solutions

We love furniture that performs multiple functions. Especially for small rooms that need to be cozy. With a variety of styles and options, such as rollaway beds, futons and built-in wardrobes, our sofa beds offer everything you need to transition from living room to second bed.

Imagine your house, decorated exactly the way you want it. In line with your lifestyle, your tastes, fully reflecting your personality and who you really are. Ensure that it’s full of character and style, but also functional in your everyday life. Live and relax exactly the way you like it, thanks to the leisure furniture designed to meet your needs.

Furniture equipped with a sleeping function, containers for bedding, comfortable armrests, unfolding mechanisms, adjustable headrests and soft backrest cushions. Choose your ideal version of relaxation.

Varied design

In the latest collection you will find leisure furniture in line with the hottest trends in interior design. Choose the ones you like best or mix different styles together and let us help you create a unique interior for you to relax in.

Most frequently asked questions about BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered furniture Furniture Brands

What materials are BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered furniture made of?

Our offer includes over 200 patterns and colours of upholstery fabrics to choose from, both those in line with the current design trends and those universal that match any interior. The pattern book also includes easy clean fabrics, which allow you to remove stains from your leisure furniture easily. Such a wide choice gives you the opportunity to create the furniture of your dreams, which will be perfectly tailored to the style of the interior and the needs of your household.

How long does BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered furniture shipping from Poland to the UK usually take?

Usually delivery of BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered furniture lasts In Stock 2-3 weeks, To Order 4-7 weeks

Can I assemble BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered furniture myself?

Yes, BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered furniture is designed for self-assembly. Easy and quick installation.