Most frequently asked questions about sofa fabrics

How many maximum times can the fabric be cleaned in one place to keep its properties?

It depends on many factors, such as the type of fabric and dirt, the level of humidity and sunlight in the room, the method of cleaning - water or soapy water.

Most fabric manufacturers declare that you can clean the fabric up to 10 times in the same place and with the same intensity.

Can I remove a stain from any pen? Plain, gel, ink, permanent marker?

Stains from an ordinary ballpoint pen can be removed by using water with gray soap. A stain from a permanent marker can be difficult to remove - it depends on the quality of the ink and the time of operation (the sooner we start removing the dirt, the better the chances of getting rid of it) - according to fabric suppliers, we will not be able to remove such a stain or we will remove it only partially.

What is the recommended reaction time for a liquid drop to leave 100% from the fabric?

Preferably immediately after the stain appears - estimated time is up to 1 minute. Of course, the sooner the better. Very warm liquids may absorb faster. Gently drain the drops using a paper towel or a dry cloth.

What does it mean that the fabric is water repellent?

The water-repellent fabric has a special coating that makes it difficult to absorb spilled substances. In the event of spillage of juice, coffee or other liquid, the drops remain on the surface of the fabric, which allows for quick and easy draining of the liquid with a paper towel. The water-repellent fabric is not a waterproof fabric, so if liquid is spilled, the water will soak into the fabric after a while.

What stains cannot be removed from fabric?

Greasy stains, hot liquids and high density stains can be difficult to remove. Similarly with dirt made with permanent markers.

Will all liquids stay on the surface of the fabric or are there any restrictions?

It should be remembered that the hydrophobic fabric is not a waterproof fabric - it allows both air and liquids to pass through. As the name suggests, these are water-based liquids. Warm liquids are more likely to be absorbed. The oil will soak into the fabric for sure.