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Junona Line Kitchen is an offer of ready-made sets of kitchen furniture, thanks to which you can easily decorate the interior of a modern kitchen. A variety of sizes and colours of furniture offers a wide range of placement options. Junona Line Kitchen's Sets are ideal for use with freestanding cooker 50 cm or 60 cm wide. All units can be positioned separately and not necessarily in the line. The worktops are 32 mm thick and have four options to choose from. Simple handles make it easy to access the contents of the cabinets, giving a completely economical style to the collection. Spacious sets Junona Line will help optimize any task performed in the kitchen and bring real pleasure.

Most frequently asked questions about JUNONA LINE BRW (kitchen) BLACK RED WHITE

What is interesting about the JUNONA LINE BRW (kitchen) collection?

JUNONA LINE BRW (kitchen) furniture is interesting for its A timeless, but also modern kitchen sets. The functionality to go hand in hand with excellent style

What type of room is the JUNONA LINE BRW (kitchen) collection suitable for?

The JUNONA LINE BRW (kitchen) collection is perfect for rooms such as: