RICO LBK BRW Green Modern Storage Couch

Width: 212 cm
Height: 82 cm
Depth: 112 cm
Fabric: Kronos 14 Green
£674.00 GBP
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Most frequently asked questions about RICO LBK BRW Green Couch:

How can I order RICO LBK BRW Green Couch?

You can order RICO LBK BRW Green Couch online, in our store, or by calling our customer service team.

Can I order the same piece of furniture as the RICO LBK BRW Green Couch, but in a different size?

Aldea Design online store sells modular furniture in standard sizes. There are many of furniture units the most common sizes in width, height and depth. You can use special filters that you can find in each section.

Does the RICO LBK BRW Green Couch need to be assembled?

Yes, RICO LBK BRW Green Couch is designed for self-assembly. Easy and quick installation.

How long will I wait for my order?

You’ll find an estimated delivery date on every product’s page. Lead times will vary between products and delays can occur, but we’ll keep you informed of any changes.