Weston brw BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Units:

WESTON Furniture by the Polish factory Black Red White is distinguished by its impressive, loft-like style. It is expressed by thick sides and tops as well as original metal handles. Old Style Pine and Artizan Oak fronts reflect the beauty of raw wood. They are framed by a body in a Dark Matera shade. In the collection you will find a number of blocks that will comprehensively cover the interior of the schoolkid's and student's room. This furniture will surprise you with its capacity and a practically divided interior, which has space for larger and smaller everyday items. You can hide textbooks, art supplies, binders with documents or toys in it. A youth room should have separate sections for recreation, entertainment and study, creating a cozy place for development. In the relaxation and rest area, the Weston bed cannot be missing, in which the child falls asleep and wakes up, ready for action. You can place the bed even in a small room or one shared by siblings, where every meter is worth its weight in gold. Convenience of operation is provided by branded hinges and guides. To enjoy a comfortable rest, choose a mattress for a bed according to your kid's preferences. Solid Furniture WESTON is perfect for your stylish youth room.

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What is interesting about the WESTON BRW collection?

WESTON BRW furniture is interesting for its An industrial interior for a student. Distinctive wood decor, thickened sides and tabletops

What type of room is the WESTON BRW collection suitable for?

The WESTON BRW collection is perfect for rooms such as: