Wesker brw BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Units:

WESKER Furniture by the Polish factory Black Red White is distinguished by energetic design and functionality. Simple geometric shapes will suit the tastes of both boys and girls. The variety of modules makes you arrange a friendly space for your child. The furniture impresses with its colors - it combines white (mirror shine) and yellow fronts with a Polish oak-colored body and navy blue elements. The character is emphasized by oval, colored handles: navy blue - on the yellow fronts, and yellow - on the white ones. Convenience of operation is provided by hinges and guides with a quiet and smooth closing system. To enjoy a comfortable rest, choose a mattress for a bed according to your child's preferences. Bright Furniture WESKER is perfect for your functional and modern youth room.

The WESKER BRW Black red white Collection is good for: Children Room.

Most frequently asked questions about WESKER BRW BLACK RED WHITE

What is interesting about the WESKER BRW collection?

WESKER BRW furniture is interesting for its Catching surprising colour range. Oval colored handles

What type of room is the WESKER BRW collection suitable for?

The WESKER BRW collection is perfect for rooms such as: Children Room