Torin brw BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Units:

TORIN Furniture by the Polish factory Black Red White combines wood decor with black accents in body design. If you like massive thickened sides of furniture, strong metal handles and an intense, dark colors, these modules will certainly work for you. Their style is emphasized by energy-saving LED lighting placed under the table tops. The cool color of the Brown Ribbeck Oak reflects the beauty of the natural wood grain and perfectly harmonizes with the Venge Magic Oak grooved strip. Soft-close hinges and guides increase the comfort of using the furniture on a daily basis. Ergonomic and stylish furniture TORIN is perfect for your iving room.

The TORIN BRW Black red white Collection is good for: Living Room.

Most frequently asked questions about TORIN BRW BLACK RED WHITE

What is interesting about the TORIN BRW collection?

TORIN BRW furniture is interesting for its Striking decor with a visible wood grain pattern. LED lighting placed under the tabletops

What type of room is the TORIN BRW collection suitable for?

The TORIN BRW collection is perfect for rooms such as: Living Room