Stockholm brw BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Units:

STOCKHOLM Furniture by the Polish factory Black Red White with bleached facades and dark tabletops fully reflect the Scandinavian style. Metal round handles are used for opening. Original decorative strips adorn the front of the wardrobe and high headboard of bed. Branded hinges and guides with a quiet closing system provide maximum comfort of use. The stylish bedroom STOCKHOLM will be a real decoration for any interior.

The STOCKHOLM BRW Black red white Collection is good for: Bedroom.

Most frequently asked questions about STOCKHOLM BRW BLACK RED WHITE

What is interesting about the STOCKHOLM BRW collection?

STOCKHOLM BRW furniture is interesting for its Subtle decorative strips, bleached fronts with characteristic abrasions, metal round handles

What type of room is the STOCKHOLM BRW collection suitable for?

The STOCKHOLM BRW collection is perfect for rooms such as: Bedroom