Namek brw BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Units:

NAMEK Furniture by the Polish factory Black Red White was created for the arrangement in children's rooms. It is based on simplicity of form. Thanks to the universal colour solution Iconic Beech / White Gloss / Grey will appeal to both girls and boys. Quite large, convenient to use handles are the bright accent of the collection. Roomy items of furniture NAMEK fit perfectly into the interior and are suitable for both study and for creativity and recreation.

The NAMEK BRW Black red white Collection is good for: Children Room.

Most frequently asked questions about NAMEK BRW BLACK RED WHITE

What is interesting about the NAMEK BRW collection?

NAMEK BRW furniture is interesting for its Simple forms and subdued colours for a child's room at any age

What type of room is the NAMEK BRW collection suitable for?

The NAMEK BRW collection is perfect for rooms such as: Children Room